Room Directory

Room Directory

A warm welcome to the seaside from all at St Brides Spa Hotel.
We hope that you have an enjoyable stay with us.

Please note due to new Government restrictions and regulations in place some information displayed in our Room Directory may have temporarily changed.
Please visit our Guest Safety page for up to date information surrounding Covid-19.

Hotel History

When we first purchased the hotel back in March 2000 it was in desperate need of some tender loving care. The potential was obvious with its magnificent location and outlook but how to transform it into a modern day hotel with all the amenities expected by sophisticated travellers was not! With much physical effort, a great deal of planning and many sleepless nights we slowly transformed each area as time and finances would allow. Today we feel the hotel is able to offer guests the best quality accommodation to be found anywhere in Wales. However, we are very aware that quality surroundings are not enough and that they must be accompanied by an exceptional standard of service. We are constantly striving for this and welcome all forms of constructive feedback. While you are our guests, we trust you will have a restful and enjoyable stay and that the relaxed atmosphere is conducive to this.

Hotel Background

On 17th November 1893 Sir Charles Phillips of the Picton Castle Estate, who owned the ground the hotel currently stands on, granted a lease for the site and a permit to build. At the turn of the last century St Brides House, known locally as ‘The White House’, stood on this site and was then operated as a farm.

A gentleman by the name of Norman Marples bought the farm and decided it would be a great location for a hotel. He started building the hotel in 1931 incorporating the original farm house. We discovered its walls whilst undergoing renovations; they were three feet thick, dry and made up of pebbles and random stones. These are known as clomb walls and were a common way of building in Pembrokeshire.

The hotel was the only purpose built hotel in Saundersfoot to be constructed in the 20th century. When the hotel opened it was called ‘The Carrington’. However, in 1932 Mr Marples had a disagreement with his then business partner Miss DeVine. She took the name with her to a hotel in Tenby and he changed the name to ‘St Brides’ and so it has remained.

Over the years St Brides, like many other hotels, has adapted to the changing demands made upon it by ever more discerning guests. An old brochure, which was undated, described the hotel as having 80 rooms with 20 of them being in two annexes. It boasts hot and cold water in every room,central heating and electric lighting. Interestingly the hotel was not licensed but wines and spirits could be ‘procured at short notice’. However, petrol and oil pumps were on the premises for guest use.

The charges in the brochure were as follows:

o Double rooms from: 12 Shillings = 60p

o Singles from: 7 Shillings and 6d = 37½p

o Breakfast: 3 Shillings = 15p

o Dinner: 6 Shillings = 30p

o Baths: 1 Shilling = 5p

o A fire lit in your room: 2 Shillings and 6d = 12½p

o A fire for the whole day: 4 Shillings = 20p

The hotel appeared in Great Western Railway’s Holiday Haunts magazine in 1938. Here it is described as having 120 rooms with 30 of them being in three annexes. A recent addition was a large glass lounge ballroom. Also mentioned was a chalet in the grounds where modern articles suitable for presents could be purchased. In the spring of 1941 the Admiralty requisitioned the hotel for the duration of the Second World War and used it as a school of signalling for the Royal Marines. The school produced the communication personnel for the Corps who were later to serve in the Royal Marine Commandos and other special royal marine field forces. These brave personnel went aboard ships of the fleet and into the Royal Naval Support and Assault squadrons. Indeed,during our refurbishment programme, we discovered training documents hidden under the floorboards along with some hair tonic and other personal items left behind by the trainees.

After the declaration of VJ day the Royal Marines vacated the property and St Brides went back to operating as a hotel. By 1973 the hotel was described as having 55 rooms with no mention of annexes, but with 22 of those rooms having their own bathroom. Many of the rooms had televisions though some were still black and white. There was also a television lounge, games room and swimming pool.

Rates had increased since the last brochure to as follows:

o Low season Bed & Breakfast per person: £2.75 - £4.35

o High season Bed & Breakfast per person:£3.50 - £6.00

o Dinner was from: £1.75

o Lunch: £1.35

o Early morning tea: 16p

Today we are still evolving to meet our business and leisure guests’ expectations. Keeping up with current technology and the ever changing leisure market are among our greatest challenges.

Saundersfoot Harbour

The harbour in Saundersfoot was first built in 1829 and it transformed the small fishing village into a thriving industrial port exporting high quality anthracite by sea. Queen Victoria decreed that only coal from Saundersfoot should be used to power the first royal steam yacht because it gave intense heat yet produced very little smoke. Originally, there were many small, privately owned pits and the coal was transported by horse and cart to Coppet Hall, Swallow Tree and Wisemans Bridge where it was transferred to boats which were grounded on the beaches at a low tide. When fully laden the boats would sail off when they were floated by the next high tide.

The completion of the harbour and the opening of larger and deeper pits providing more coal, saw the construction of rail links bringing coal from outlying areas of Begelly, Thomas Chapel and more local Bonvilles Court, as well as Stepaside and Wisemans Bridge.In 1870 the horses that had towed the ‘drams’ into which the coal was loaded were replaced by steam engines.

Many of the Road names relate to Saundersfoot’s industrial past. Incline Way reminds usof the system of moving coal drams downhill by means of steel trains operated from the winding house at the top of the incline. Westfield road was previously named Lower Cart Road and the Ridgeway was Upper Cart Road. Fan Road Gets its name from the fifteen foot fan which operated the ventilation system at Bonvilles Court Colliery until it’s closure in 1930.

The only other remains of the railway line are the tunnels along the coastline from Saundersfoot to Wisemans Bridge. It is a 6km (3.7mi) section on the ‘Miners Trail’ part of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path which follows the route of the old steam trains from local collieries to the harbour. Walkers using the trail pass through two tunnels on the former line. It is still possible to find “railway sleepers” (a wide flat stone with two holes) along the tracks.

Although the former industrial era of Saundersfoot has now passed, the harbour is still very much a working harbour and Saundersfoot Bay offers some of the finest sailing waters in Wales. The boating scene is always bustling with boat owners busy cleaning, painting, launching and sailing or racing their craft. Other waterborne activities include swimming and water sports and a wide variety of trips are offered such as deep sea and mackerel fishing, power boat rides and various bird, seal watching and pleasure excursions. All of which continues to provide a lively and colourful focal point for locals and visitors alike.

Wine & Beverage List

To view our Beverage List click here.

To view our Wine List click here

The Gallery Bar & Restaurant

Our Gallery Bar is available throughout the day. Plenty of soft sofas in which to lose yourself while relaxing with a drink and a good book. Great for sitting by the fire on a cold winter’s evening or the end of a tiring summer’s day on the beach.

Our Gallery Restaurant is for casual dining with breath-taking views of Saundersfoot and its harbour. Perfect for when you are in the mood for something simple.

  • Gallery Lunch is served 12pm – 4pm.
  • Afternoon Tea sittings are 2:30pm and 3:30pm.

Our Afternoon Tea consists of a selection of finger sandwiches, freshly baked fruit & plain scones with clotted cream & strawberry preserve, assortment of cakes and a wide selection of loose leaf teas. You are welcome to enjoy these in the Restaurant or in the comfort of your room by dialling 100 and requesting your Afternoon Tea brought to your room (please be advised that there is a £5 tray charge)

For samples of our lunch, dinner and breakfast menus please see our sample menus here.

The Cliff Restaurant

The Cliff Restaurant - Unbuttoned Fine Dining!

In other words dress for comfort, don’t forget you are on holiday and enjoy a great meal experience. Our Chef has always supported Pembrokeshire producers and this is now becoming increasingly easy with such high quality and variety available.

Surrounded on three sides by the sea, Pembrokeshire has an enviable supply of fresh fish

  • Breakfast is served 7.00 am - 10.30 am.
  • Dinner is served 6.00 pm – 9.00 pm

The same great view will be there while you dine!

We recommend arriving for Breakfast before 9am to avoid eventual delays, especially on weekends.

For samples of our lunch, dinner and breakfast menus please see our sample menus here.

Room Service - Fancy dining in your room? No problem.

Browse our Room Service Menu (no tray charge) and call 100 from your telephone to order with Reception. You are also welcome to choose from our Gallery or Cliff Menus which incurs a tray charge of £5.00. Please call Reception who will be delighted to show you today’s current menu.

For drink orders a tray charge of £2.50 will apply. If you would like breakfast in your room a tray charge of £5.00 will apply.

Breakfast at St Brides Spa Hotel

Breakfast is included in your rate and served from 7am-10:30am in our Cliff and Gallery Restaurants.

Continental Selection

  • breakfast cereals
  • pain au chocolat & croissants
  • assorted fruit yoghurts
  • freshly cut fruit salad
  • milk & fruit juices
  • tea & cafetière coffee

Enjoy something cooked

  • The full St Brides Breakfast with an egg your way
  • The full St Brides Vegetarian Breakfast with an egg your way
  • Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Egg on toasted sourdough
  • Smashed Avocado and Poached Egg on toasted sourdough w/ confit cherry tomatoes

Breakfast must be booked to allow for social distancing and so that we are able to record and complete track and trace information for the NHS. We suggest booking your desired times prior to arrival to avoid disappointment.

All guests must adhere to their booking time to avoid too many people in the area at any one time.

Our Village Restaurants

A short walk from the hotel and overlooking the harbour in Saundersfoot, you'll find our village restaurants, relaxed and specialising in barbecue (Beachside Barbecue) and rather special fish and chips (The Marina)

Beachside Barbecue

Beachside Barbecue is a restaurant that brings a new flavour to the village. The venture from Andrew and Lindsey Evans of St Brides Spa Hotel will feature “low and slow” authentic oak smoked barbecue alongside regular fresh fish from the black board and proper puddings.

The menu is all about Brisket, Ribs, Chicken and Fresh Fish cooked in a Hard Wood Pit Smoker (all the way from the USA) and Lump Wood Charcoal Oven ensuring that proper barbecue taste.

Andrew says:

“After over 50 years as a family operation the
new concept will still be all about great food
simply cooked made from the finest fresh
ingredients. We’ve invested in the latest
innovative cooking equipment which will result
in a true authentic barbecue taste served in an
informal, friendly atmosphere ideal for all ages.”
And, of course, as well as the new barbecue
menu, all dishes will be served all day with
“a side order” of the best sea views in the
country, Saundersfoot’s Blue flag award
winning beach.

For Beachside’s current opening times, or for further information please click here to view their website.

Marina. Fish, Chips & More

A Modern Slant on the Traditional - The Marina is located on

Saundersfoot harbour and is a modern fish and chip restaurant

where you can order traditional fish and chips with real ale beer

batter or have a piece of fresh fish grilled with a salad. You may

wish to eat your fish with a glass of wine or bottle of beer in

the restaurant or take it away to the beach.

There is no need to book in advance, so please pop in to see us

when you explore the village!

Click here to view The Marina website.



For external calls dial 9 and then the number you require. External calls are charged at 20p per unit which lasts approximately 50 seconds. To contact another room dialthe three figure room number, for example dial 001 to connect to room 001.


We ask that you please consider other guests when setting the volume on your television. For guidance on how to operate your particular television please see options as follows:

LG television sets

•Red round button at top of your remote control will power your TV on and off

•TV / Radio button on the remote will switch between your digital TV viewing and the radio stations

•Press Guide to view the full TV guide for each channel and select OK for your preferred channel or Press List and select OK for your preferred channel

PANASONIC television sets

•Hold down the red round button at top of your remote control which will power your TV on and off

•Press Guide to view the full TV guide for each channel and select OK for your preferred channel


A safe is located in your wardrobe. To operate your safe you will need to follow these instructions as noted on the safe door:

•Close the safe door and hold shut, Input a secure 4 digit code, Press Enter then Close. The door will bolt shut and be securely locked,

•To open the safe door key in your 4 digit code, the door will open automatically please be aware the safe will not close if there are too many items placed in the safe.

If you are unable to open the safe, please contact reception.


We have a strict no smoking policy throughout the hotel and apartments which complies with the smoking ban passed in 2007. We understand that some of our guests are smokers so we have provided sand buckets outside the main entrance, on the terraces and on all bedroom balconies. A charge will be made to your credit/debit card to cover any revenue lost to smoke residue left in bedrooms on departure.

Turndown Service

Your room will be serviced and turned down each evening of your stay at any time between 6pm and 8pm. If you would prefer not to receive this service please place the “Relaxing” sign on the outside of your door.

Alarm Call

To set an alarm call please contact Reception on extension 100

Complimentary Wi-Fi

This is available throughout the hotel at no additional cost. To begin using the internet you will need to activate the wifi from your device. Concluding a search done by your device, please connect to ‘St Brides Spa Hotel Guests’ wifi. From there a new window should pop up, enter your details then click log in to wifi. You will now be connected and able to navigate to your desired website. If you do not have a personal device, you are more than welcome to use the Apple Mac computer located near reception.


There is a DVD player in your room, and we do have a wide choice of DVDs available for hire from Reception. A charge of £15 will be added to the bill, but will be deducted on return of the DVD.


In your fridge you will find fresh milk and complimentary bottles of filtered water.

Our Housekeeping staff will replenish when required. Should you wish to purchase beverages for your fridge please contact reception with your selection from the list on the shelf above your fridge and we will stock it to your requirements. This will then be added to your bill to be settled on departure. Charges for any unconsumed beverages will not be refunded.


Hairdryers are located in your wardrobe on the upper shelf. Most have a small red

trigger button to operate them. For safety reasons you are required to hold down the red button for continuous use.


Radiators and towel rails can be controlled individually by turning the thermostat.

A fan can be found in your wardrobe.

Iron and Ironing Board

The iron and ironing board are located in your wardrobe.

Lighting and Electricity

All electrics are controlled by the master switch which is one of your 3 switches as you enter your room. This switch must be turned ON for your electric to work.

Tea and Coffee making facilities

Tea and coffee making facilities are provided in all rooms. Please call Reception by dialling 100 if you require any additional items.

Marine Spa

We are really proud of our spa with its amazing views of the ocean. A wonderful place to de-stress, spoil yourself and enjoy. The spa is located on the Ground floor, close to the lift. If you would like more information about treatments or opening times please contact the spa on 400.

Our Spa provides the perfect retreat to relax, unwind and indulge in soothing treatments. Our coastal dual treatment room invites couples or friends to fully benefit from their spa experience, with full height windows that slide open to reveal the fresh sea air and gentle sound of the tide.

The treatment rooms and relaxation areas surround a restful infinity edge hydrotherapy pool and invigorating thermal bathing spa experience.

To maintain the tranquility and serenity within the spa and to enhance your enjoyment of the facilities, we limit the number of thermal suite and hydrotherapy pool bookings we accept at any one time and therefore, bookings must be made in advance.

The Thermal Suite and Hydrotherapy Pool Comprises of:

Salt Infusion Room

A gentle moist heat, combined with bursts of sea salt infusions encourages the bodyto perspire and increases blood circulation. It will enliven your senses, eliminate toxins and ease muscular tension.

Sensation Shower

A selection of three water experiences with varying temperatures, aromas and coloured therapy light moods stimulate all the senses. Explore the tropical rain, cold mist and gush showers.

Aroma Steam Room

This aromatic room is filled with hot steam, creating 100% humidity. Breathing is eased and your lymphatic system is cleansed through perspiration, resulting in a glowing skin tone.


A relaxing and invigorating dry heat to boost your immune system.

Ice Fountain

Cool down between the various hot temperatures of the thermal suite by rubbing flaky, crushed ice vigorously over your body. The contrast of temperature will boost your circulation and strengthen your immune system.

Hydrotherapy Pool

This treatment pool is heated to body temperature providing a cosy haven, even onfrosty winter days. When the tide is in, you will experience the optical illusion of the salt water pool edge blending into the sea below. The swan neck fountain will ease away tension in your neck and shoulders. Hydrotherapy air jets will suspend you above the underwater recliner whilst gently massaging your body.

Marine Spa Treatments

We have five treatment rooms including a double therapy suite with views over the harbour, beach and coastline.

Facials, Stone Massages, Sea Salt Body Treatments, Body Wraps and many other spa experiences including special treatments and grooming for men are all available. For further details please click here.

Day and half day packages are available. Lunch and non alcoholic beverages can be served as required.

Spa Products


Voya are an Irish company that have created 100% organic products from marine sources. Specialising in the tradition of seaweed wraps and seaweed baths, they strive to deliver the healing benefits of nature through their products.


Allow yourself to be pampered by the expert hands of our Vinotherapists, who will lavish you with an exceptional formulation of vine and grape extracted products combined with tailor-made treatments. Applauded by doctors and surgeons from around the world for their abundant anti-oxidant rich properties, Caudalie formulas deliver effective natural glamour with sustained ecology.

The View

With a breathtaking cliff top location overlooking the harbour and beaches of Carmarthen Bay, St Brides Spa Hotel was designed around the view.

Constantly changing and always fascinating, whether it is a gloriously sunny August day or a wild, stormy day in January. The sea is never in the same place twice and never the same colour.

The small villages you see as you look around the coast are Wiseman’s Bridge, Amroth and Pendine. It is also possible to see the small railway tunnels which connect Coppet Hall to Wiseman’s Bridge. These were very busy when coal was mined in this area. Now they are only used by walkers.

Wiseman’s Bridge was used as a practice site for the Normandy landings and Churchill stayed to oversee proceedings. Amroth once had a second row of houses which were taken by the sea during one of our wildest winter storms. It also has a sunken forest which is visible at very low tides. Pendine is famous as the beach where many land speed records were attempted and some set. The Pembrokeshire coastal path connects all of these villages and has some dramatic coastal views. As you follow the coast path, on a clear day you will see the Gower peninsula with Worm’s Head at the very end.

Local Influences

In your room we have tried where possible to support local craftsmen and women. We are proud of the exciting things that are now happening in Pembrokeshire and wish to support all those supplying a quality product or service. Your room contains furniture made by local cabinet maker Mr John Cusworth. These pieces are made from Oak or Walnut, depending on the room and include dressing tables, side tables, trolleys, breakfast tables and television cabinets. The bed blankets come from Melin Tregwynt who now supply the best hotels and stores worldwide. They have been trading since 1912 from a small mill north of Haverfordwest. Many of our rooms display the photography of Mr Ross Grieve who is a very creative and sought after local photographer. Originally from New Zealand, Ross settled in Pembrokeshire many years ago.

Art by Ian Lindsey Edwards

We love having visitors, even if they just pop in for a quick cup of coffee. A great way of spending an hour or so is to view the latest work of Ian Lindsey Edwards which extends throughout the hotel.

Ian Lindsey Edwards paints landscapes but they are not only about what nature looks like, they are often nearly abstracted beyond recognition and are as much about feelings as appearances.

In his work, as so often in the Romantic landscape tradition to which he belongs, these feelings are often associated with a particular place – principally the Kent landscape where he now lives as well as places in Pembrokeshire close to Saundersfoot.

Ian is particularly interested in the erosion by wind, rain and the sea of the coastal defences. He sees in this the symbol of transience of the human condition. He depicts the different weather conditions and times of day so that the paintings become symbols for the individual human soul plagued by conflicting emotions and thoughts. They are passionate, even angry pictures at times, full of conflict particularly where the sea meets the land.

The surfaces are made up in many layers stabilized in varnishes which are chiselled, scoured, hatched and pitted. At times the almost invisible landscape is rendered abstract through his chisel and sander and layers recreating the very textures of nature herself. The forms of these paintings are synonymous with their content and are explicit reminders of the natural origins of the painter’s materials.

Ian’s work is currently exhibited in the ground floor public areas of the hotel.

Fitness Suite

Our Fitness Suite located away from the Spa in the hotel grounds. It has the latest exercise equipment and flat screen televisions for you to watch while working out.

It is for the exclusive use of hotel residents. Children of sixteen or older may use the fitness suite if accompanied by an adult.

Please see reception if you would like to use the fitness suite

Hotel Terraces

We have built as many decked and sitting-out areas as possible so you can find your own quiet place to relax and enjoy the great Pembrokeshire climate. Our outdoor areas are ideal for watching the sun go down, perhaps with one of our classic cocktails.

The most dramatic views are to be found from the Cliff Restaurant Terrace. There is also a area close to the Gallery Bar and more private areas to the front of the hotel. The choice is yours!


We love happy occasions and what could be more fun than a wedding. Our wedding coordinator will be happy to discuss all your requirements to make your special day an individual and personal occasion to cherish. You can even have your ceremony at the hotel. We specialise in exclusive use of all the hotel facilities to make your day a memorable one.

Other occasions you may wish to consider are birthdays, christenings, anniversaries and reunion parties.

We can accommodate parties: -

•Up to 14 persons in our Boardroom
• Up to 60 persons in our Sun Room
•Up to 100 persons in our Sun Room & Lounge
•Up to 90 persons in our Cliff Restaurant

Private Dining

Private Dining is available for those more intimate and special occasions. Please speak to our Events department for further details and availability.

Meeting Rooms

Our Boardroom, Conference Room and Sun Room and Sun Lounge are ideal for important meetings and presentations. All the equipment you need for a successful meeting can be provided along with a great support service. A variety of delegate packages are available.

For further information regarding functions at St Brides Spa Hotel, please click here.

Useful Information

Forgotten something?

If you have forgotten any of yournecessities, please call Reception on 100 who will gladly be of help. Subjectto availability we have the following items at reception:

  • • Combs 50p
  • • Gents razors £1.00
  • • Ladies razors £1.00
  • • Shaving foam/gel £2.50
  • • Tooth paste £1.50
  • • Tooth brush £1.50
  • • Women’s mini deodorant £1.50
  • • Men’s mini deodorant £1.50
  • • Eye Masks £4.00

Laundry and Dry Cleaning.

Complete the form in your wardrobe,place your clothing items in the bag and advise Reception. Items must be broughtto reception by 7am in the morning; if you wish the items to be returned on thesame day please make a note of this request. Regrettable we are unable toguarantee a same day return service. Laundry costs will be added to your billaccordingly.

Lost Property

Should you leave anything in thehotel when you depart we will endeavour to contact you and return your propertyto you. Any unclaimed lost property will be held at the hotel for three monthsand then donated to charity where appropriate.

Mobile Phones

How did we manage before! Althoughnow a necessity, please try not to use them in our restaurants.


Please contact Reception to let usknow if you require a newspaper and did not note this on your arrival form.Newspapers will be left outside your door by 8.30am and charged to your billaccordingly


All Bar & Restaurant charges canbe automatically transferred to your room account with prior creditarrangement. Please settle all accounts on departure. All receipts are kept atreception so should you wish to review your bill during your stay these areavailable to view.


A pre-authorisation is performed uponarrival, and is a temporary hold of a specific

amount of the available balance on acredit or debit card. The pre-authorisation is

not a charge and no funds have beendebited from your account, however your

bank statement may show thepre-authorisation as a pending transaction. When you

give us a credit or debit card, thepre-authorisation guarantees us that the funds

are available to pay for any chargesincurred up to the value of the transaction.

Here at St Brides Spa Hotel wepre-authorise for the balance of the room account

plus £50 per night to cover anyincidentals. The benefit of a pre-authorisation is

that it allows us to give you creditaround the hotel during your stay. You are

therefore able to charge any expensessuch as drinks, spa treatments, dinner etc.

to your room account and pay only ondeparture. Should you prefer us not to

pre-authorise you card, full paymentof the room balance would be required upon

arrival but credit around the hotel wouldnot be available during your stay.

Upon check out your room charge andany extras will be charged to your card.

Should you wish to pay using the samecard used upon arrival, a completion would

be performed on the card for thefinal amount on your bill. This completion can

take up to 3 working days to appearon your statement as your card issuer may

need to reissue/re-authorise on thesame code for security purposes. However if

you choose to pay the balance withanother credit card or method of payment we

will cancel the pre-authorisation anddepending on your card issuer this could take

a few working days to clear in youraccount. Please note that some card issuers

may not action our request to cancela pre-authorisation and it may take up to 7

working days to clear.

Cancellation Charges

If you cancel your reservation duringyour stay you will become liable to a charge for the 1st night’s accommodationof the unexpired portion of the reservation.


Checkout time is before 11am. You aremore than welcome to store any luggage at reception after check out.


Breakfast can be delivered to yourroom between 7am-10am. Please telephone Reception with your order. Please see menuenclosed for your options. Please note there is a £5 tray charge.


Cots can be provided subject toavailability at a cost of £15 per cot per night. Please do let us know if yourequire one.


Please read the fire notice on theback of your room door for our Fire Safety procedures.

Express Checkout

If you are paying by card we canoffer an express checkout service, just ask at reception for a form. Thisservice is available if you will be departing before 7:30am. A form will beplaced under your door with your current bill charges on the reverse side.Please fill in all relevant information, and a copy of the paid bill can besent to you at your request. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Delta, AmericanExpress and Switch.

Packed Lunch

Packed lunches can be prepared asrequested. Please inform reception by 9pm the evening before they are required.Packed lunches are charged at £15 per person and consist of the following:

•Small Bottle of Mineral Water, 1½rounds of sandwiches (to your choice) brown or white bread, piece of fruit,crisps, savoury and sweet items.

Post, Faxes and Photocopying

Send or receive post and faxes atreception. Photocopying service available and will be charged accordingly.

Tray Charges

Tray Charge (for each order placed)

  • •Breakfast tray charge is £5.00.
  • •Cliff or Gallery tray charge is £5.00
  • •Drinks tray charge is £2.50
Our Room Service Menu is inclusive oftray charge.

Local Information

Glen Cottage Dental Surgery, Gas Lane, Tenby, SA70 8AG
Tel: 08444 772 447

Medical Centre, Saundersfoot
Tel:01834 812 343

Saundersfoot Pharmacy, The Strand, Saundersfoot
Tel: 01834 812 223

Saundersfoot (Limited Opening) Tel: 01834 812 223
Tenby Tel: 01834 842 303

Thomas Taxis (Saundersfoot) Tel: 01834 812 782 Colby Cabs (Saundersfoot) Tel: 07837 3957
Jeff Cabs (Saundersfoot) Tel: 07785 291446
Local Taxi (Tenby) Tel: 01834844024
Tenby Taxis (Tenby)Tel: 01834 84237
Crow Cabs (Tenby) Tel: 07780 535154

Banks and Building Societies
Cashpoint - The Harbour Car Park, Saundersfoot
Tesco Cash Point – Brewery Terrace, Saundersfoot
HSBC - Tudor Square, Tenby
Yorkshire Building Soc. - Tudor Square, Tenby

St Issell’s Parish Church of Wales, Saundersfoot
St Brides Catholic Church, The Ridgeway,Saundersfoot
Methodist, Westfield Rd, Saundersfoot
Hebron Baptist, Church Terrace, Saundersfoot

Local Attractions & Activities

Paddle Boarding, Kayak and Bike Hire

Coppet Hall Beach Center, Saundersfoot Pembrokeshire,SA69 9AJ

Tel: 077 84 35 44 00 www.good-trails.com


Crown Green Bowls, King George V Playing Fields,Saundersfoot, SA69 9LX

Tel: 01834 814 716 www.saundersfootbowlingclub.co.uk

Cinema and Theatres

Palace Cinema, Upper Market St, Haverfordwest SA61 1NH

Tel: 01437 767675 www.palacehaverfordwest.co.uk

Vue Cinema, St Catherine’s Walk, Carmarthen SA31 1GA

Tel: 0871 220 6000 www.myvue.com/home/cinema/carmarthen

Torch Theatre, St. Peters Rd Milford Haven SA73 2BU

Tel: 01646 695267 www.torchtheatre.co.uk

Lyric Theatre, 8 King Street, Carmarthen SA31 1BD

Tel: 0845 2263510 www.theatrausirgar.co.uk


Celtic Quest Coasteering, Loton Park, Ambleston,Pembrokeshire, SA62 5QY

Tel: 01348 881530 www.celticquestcoasteering.com


Tenby Cycles, 16 The Norton, Tenby SA70 8AA

Tel: 01834 845 573 www.tenbycycles.co.uk

Mike’s Bikes, 17 Prendergast, Haverfordwest, SA612PE

Tel: 01437 760068 www.mikes-bikes.co.uk


Dive Pembrokeshire, Gelli Cottage, Ludchurch, Narberth,SA67 8LE

Tel: 07545 967 180 SSI

Scuba Diving training centre, dive charters, specialistcourses.

Fishing and Boat Trips

Llys-Y-Fran Reservoir, Clarbeston Road, Haverfordwest,SA63 4RR

Tel: 01437 532273

Country park offering trout-fishing, catering and retailfacilities, walking, cycle hire.

Saundersfoot Pleasure Boats, Saundersfoot Harbour, SA699HE

Tel: 01834 811027 www.saundersfootboattrips.co.uk

A variety of boat trips including mackerel fishing forfamilies and novices and sport

fishing for the more experienced. Trips are also run tosee the seal colony off Caldey Island, off Tenby, and the bird sanctuary on StMargaret’s, with an informative commentary on the history and wildlife.

Ebony May Saundersfoot Charter Boat, Saundersfoot Harbour

Tel: 07989 326085 www.saundersfootseafishing.co.uk

The Ebony May is a Sea Fishing Trip Charter Boat whichhas fishing trips available for all levels of experience running throughout most of theyear.


Tenby Golf Club, The Burrows, Tenby, SA70 7NP

Tel: 01834 842 978 www.tenbygolf.co.uk

Championship links course which is the oldest in Wales.

Trefloyne Golf Course, Trefloyne Lane, Penally, Tenby,SA70 7RG

Tel: 01834 842165 www.trefloyne.com

Horse Riding

Marros Riding Centre, Marros Farm, Marros, Pendine,Carmarthenshire, SA33 4PN Tel: 01994 453 777 www.marros-farm.co.uk Horses to suit all levels. Under cover tuitionall year around. Riding on Pendine sands for the experienced rider.

The Dunes Riding Centre, Cott Lane, Martletwy,Pembrokeshire, SA67 8AB Tel: 01834 891 398 www.dunes-riding.co.uk 30 horses to suit all types of riders. Treks andlessons available by arrangement.


County Showground, Withybush, Haverfordwest,SA62 4BP Tel. 01437 769 555 www.bpkarting.com Indoor karting, open all year.

Carew Airfield, Sageston, Tenby, SA70 8SY

Tel. 01559 384 078 www.carewkarting.co.uk

Outdoor track that demands real driving skills,twin engine professional carts.

1 The Strand, Saundersfoot
Tel. 01834 812 845 www.walkonwatersports.co.uk
Power kites, traction kites, stunt kites, kiteboards, mountain boards, buggies and kayaks.

Quad Biking

Roberts Wall, Trefloyne Lane, Penally, Tenby,SA70 8NF
Tel: 01834 843 390 www.ritec-valley.co.uk
Quad bike riding at its best, minimum age 6 andsenior trail riding.

Family Activities

Blue Lagoon,Bluestone, Canaston Wood, SA67 8DE

Tel: 01834 862 410 www.bluelagoonwales.com

Visit Blue lagoon and experience some of the wildest indoorwaves in the UK, relax in the lazy river, zoom down the flumes, dodge the watercannons, or maybe just takeit easy in the spa pool.

Clerken HillAdventure Park, Canaston Bridge,Slebech, SA62 4PE

Tel: 01437 751 227 www.clerkenhill.co.uk

Large play areas with adventure trails with find the bears,spooky wood, quiz and farm animals. Try your hand at the 18 basket frizbee golf coursesuitable for all the family.Relax in the Old Loft Cafe whilst the children play on thesmall tractor track and pedal go-karts. A fun and healthy environment for all.

Dinosaur Park,Gumfreston, Tenby, SA70 8RB

Tel: 01834 845272 www.thedinosaurpark.co.uk

In addition to the dinosaurs you will find an astra slide,18 – hole adventure and Frisbee golf, 4x4 off-road circuit, super jumpertrampolines, diggers, jungle climb,pedal trucking, disco boats, motorised tractors, orbitercars,big game hunting and more. Dig for your own fossil, identify it and take it home withyou.

Folly Farm,Begelly, Kilgetty, SA68 0XA

Tel: 01834 812731 www.folly-farm.co.uk

Animals ranging from rabbits and guinea pigs to giraffes andzebras; there is plenty to delight all ages. Folly Farm also has a an indoor play areawith vintage fun fair rides and snack bars where parents can sit and refuel whilstchildren play.

Heatherton, StFlorence, Tenby, SA69 9EE

Tel: 01646 652 000 www.heatherton.co.uk

Heatherton offers a wide range of activities frompaintballing to crazy golf. Admission to the park is free but you pay for each activity separatelyby purchasing tokens.

Herons Brook,Narberth, SA67 8BU

Tel: 01834 869 209 www.heronsbrookretreat.com

Heron’s Brook is a small and exclusive, family run retreatin a quiet secluded valley with mature gardens, an 18 hole Golf course and a small wellstocked trout lake.

Manor Wildlife Park,St Florence, Tenby, SA70 8RJ

Tel: 01646 651 201 www.manorwildlifepark.co.uk

Manor House Wildlife Park is a conservation-led zoo set in52 acres of Pembrokeshire Parkland, where you'll find endangered species from allcorners of the world in a natural and beautiful corner of Wales.

Oakwood Theme Park,Canaston Bridge, SA67 8DE

Tel: 01834 891 373 / 01834 891 376 www.oakwoodthemepark.co.uk

Oakwood is a well-known theme park within Pembrokeshire. Ithosts 30 attractions, including Megafobia which has been voted one of the bestwooden rollercoasters in the world.

Hangar 5 TrampolinePark & Soft Play Centre, Haverfordwest

Tel: 01437 700555 www.hangar5.wales

Over 100 inter-connecting trampolines, dodgeball court,trick airbag, Time Attack activity and full-service Cafe. They also have a large SoftPlay area for 8 years and under.

Scenic Activities

Colby Gardens,Near Amroth, SA67 8PP Tel: 01834 811885


Set in a tranquil and secluded valley; this gloriousinformal woodland garden with a fascinating industrial past is always bursting with colourand wildlife. Whatever the season, there's something to delight.

Stackpole Estate,Pembroke SA71 4HH Tel: 01646 661359


After a walk along the coastal path from Stackpole Quay youare rewarded for your efforts by the most amazing view along the beach ofBarafundle Bay, one of themost secluded and unspoilt beaches in Wales. The fresh waterponds at Bosherston lakes were created artificially to enhance the Stackpoleestate.

Castle MartinPeninsula Pembroke Tel: 01437776499


This is an area of spectacular coastal scenery, and theGreen Bridge of Wales, Stack Rocks, St Govan's Chapel are popular sites for visitors tothe area. As well as the dramatic coastline, the area is renowned for the colonies ofguillemots, razorbills, kittiwakes, choughs and other species which nest along thecliffs and rock formations.

St David’s Head, Whitesands Tel: 01348 837860


Three mile circular walk. Superb views to Strumble Head, the“Bishops and Clerks”and Ramsey Island. The headland is dominated by a rockyoutcrop known as Carn Llidi. Grazed by up to 70 Welsh Mountain ponies.

Solva, located 5miles East of St Davids

Tel: 0845 3457275 www.solva.net

Picturesque village with coastal walks to the East and Westlooking out at St Bride’s Bay. Half mile walk to the East takes you to the top of theGribin with the secluded Gwadyn beach beyond.

Caldey Island,Located off Tenby

Tel: 01834 844453 www.caldey-island.co.uk

Departures from Tenby Harbour for about 20 minute crossingare available between April and October. Here you will find spectacular views ofTenby and the coastline, monastic buildings, church, museum, post office, Woodlandand coastal walks, with an excellent pollution-free beach

Skomer Island islocated off Martin’s Haven, Dale Sailing Co Ltd

Tel: 01646 603123 www.pembrokeshire-islands.co.uk

There is a Fifteen minute boat ride to the island for aspectacular sea bird and seal experience. View puffins (April–August) guillemots,razor bills, fulmars, cormorants,shags, shear waters and grey seals.

Please note some of the above services and attractions maybe closed during the winter months. Should you require any clarification pleasecontact the desired attraction directly. Further information and additionallocal attraction information may be available at reception.

Educational Activities

Carew Castle,Tenby, SA70 8SL

Tel: 01646 651 782 www.carewcastle.com

The magnificent Carew Castle has a history spanning 2000years. Set in a stunning location, overlooking a 23 acre millpond, the castledisplays the development from a Norman fortification to an Elizabethan country house.

Manorbier Castle,Tenby, SA70 7TD

Tel: 01834 871 394 www.manorbiercastle.co.uk

With such a splendid setting overlooking a beautifulun-spoilt beach, families love to explore Manorbier Castle and bring a little bit of historyto life. The impressive Great Hall, Chapel and Turrets are dotted with life sizefigures - see children of the Tudor period and some prisoners in the dungeon.

Pembroke Castle,Pembroke, SA71 4LA

Tel: 01646 681 510 www.pembroke-castle.co.uk

Idyllically set on the banks of the river estuary, thismighty fortress is largely intact with its endless passages, tunnels and stairways which aregreat fun to explore. Plus there are super exhibitions, which tell the tale of its medievallife. This historic showpiece is the birthplace of Henry Tudor, father to theinfamous Henry VIII and grandfather of Elizabeth I.

St Davids Cathedral,St Davids, SA62 6RH

Tel: 01437 720 202 www.stdavidscathedral.org.uk

St David’s Cathedral has been the dominant presence sincethe 12th century and was a popular pilgrimage destination throughout the MiddleAges and indeed remains so to this day attracting thousands of visitors every year.

St Mary’s Church, Tudor Square, Tenby

Tel: 01834 845 841 www.guidedtourswales.co.uk

These walks are informative, intriguing and entertaining.They include The Ghost walk of Tenby, The Story of Tenby, pirates, Tenby Harbour aswell as poets and painters.

Tenby Museum,Castle Hill, Tenby, SA70 7BP

Tel: 01834 842 809 www.tenbymuseum.org.uk

Tenby Museum stands as the oldest independent museum inWales, serving the community since 1878. It was founded by a self-appointed committee of local retired professional gentlemen some of whom were alsoamateur naturalists or archaeologists. In 1878 The National School (built in the1830s) became vacant,allowing the museum trustees to acquire the building for thecollections.

Tudor Merchants House,Quay Hill, Tenby, SA70 7BX

Tel: 01834 842 279 www.nationaltrust.org.uk/tudor-merchants-house

Step back 500 years and discover how the Tudor merchant andhis family would have lived in this fascinating three-storey house, situatedclose to the Harbour within the historic walled town of Tenby. Features of the house include a fine 'Flemish’ round chimney and the original scarfed rooftrusses.

Castell Henllys,located off the A487 between Newport and Cardigan

Tel: 01239 891319 www.castellhenllys.pembrokeshirecoast.org.uk

Visitors to Castell Henllys Iron Age fort in thePembrokeshire Coast National Park look upon a sight that takes them back in time 2,300 years to late prehistoric Britain. Buildings there have been constructed usingevidence uncovered in excavations on the site


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