Art Introduction

Our Gallery is open all day every day and so please come up and have a browse at your leisure. One of the unique features of the hotel is its double life as an art gallery. Very informal, no stuffy sales assistants here! Just take your time and wander around.

All the art has a Welsh emphasis either through its artist or subject matter. We particularly like modern seascapes that complement our amazing location.

Artists Currently Exhibiting

Shirley Anne Owen

Shirley is based in the seaside town of Penarth. For this exhibition, she has drawn on the Pembrokeshire coastal and rural landscape for her subjects, including people who live here. Her ideas develop from ink and charcoal drawings and are freely interpreted in acrylics, oils or mixed media. Her work is characterised by a freedom of expression which gives it a strong sense of vitality and light.

Anna Waters

Anna’s local seascape paintings are generally impressionistic in style. The artist describes: ‘I’m not a slave to realism but strive to capture the essence of something; the movement of water, the light on the landscape and the smattering of detail that hurried eyes, don’t always see.  I love paint, it’s an incredibly versatile medium; it can be sculpted, sprayed, splattered, blown, run and even brushed across a canvas, allowing an artist vast scope to achieve their aim. I’ll often use a variety of techniques across the same canvas in order to best interpret the physical structure of the scene I’m painting’.

Alison Kaye Fowler

Pembrokeshire based, Alison Kaye Fowler has always been passionate about materials, constantly using a variety of different mediums to create interesting and exciting outcomes that may not always be completely controlled. She spent her time in University experimenting and exploring various media and during this time became incredibly involved with the materials she uses today such as, varnish, wood dyes, gloss and matt paints, acrylic paints glues and charcoal.