Thermal Suite & Pool

thermal bathing

Thermal bathing promotes relaxation, enhances breathing and cleanses the body in preparation for treatments with your therapist. The thermal suite contains a series of cabins, with varying temperatures, each with a differing essence and chromatherapy lighting, stimulating all the senses.

You are invited to spend up to a maximum of 90 minutes in the thermal suite and infinity hydro pool area. The thermal suite comprises:-

Salt Infusion Room

A gentle moist heat, combined with bursts of sea salt infusions boosts blood circulation and helps to clear congestion. It will enliven your senses, eliminate toxins and ease muscular tension.

Sensation Shower

A selection of three water experiences with differing temperatures, aromas and colour therapy light moods stimulate all the senses. Explore the tropical rain, cold mist and gush showers, designed to refresh the mind and body.

Aroma Steam Room

Aromatically infused steam to slowly heat and refresh the body. Breathing is eased and your lymphatic system is cleansed, resulting in a glowing skin tone.

Herbal Rock Sauna

A relaxing and invigorating dry heat that has a purifying effect on the body. The immune system is boosted as everyday stresses are relieved.

Ice Fountain

Cool down between the various hot temperatures of the thermal suite by applying crushed ice all over your body. The contrast of temperature will boost your circulation and help close pores after each heat experience. A cooling option to stimulate and revitalise.

Marine Hydro Pool

The perfect place to unwind and admire the spectacular coastal views. The wonderfully relaxing water treatment pool is heated to body temperature providing a cosy haven, even on frosty winter days. When the tide is in, you will experience the optical illusion of the pool edge blending to the sea below. The swan neck fountain will ease away tension in your neck and shoulders. Hydrotherapy jets will suspend you above the water recliner whilst gently massaging your body.

Age restrictions

Thermal bathing, the hydro pool and treatments are available to guests 16 years and over.

*Swimsuits are required to experience thermal bathing and the marine hydro pool. Thermal bathing and the Marine Hydro Pool are not available to pregnant guests*

Thermal Suite Tariff for Non-Resident Guests

Complimentary when combined with at least two 55 minute treatments per guest
£25 when combined with at least one 55 minute treatment per guest
£35 without a treatment for a 90 minute session

Thermal Suite sessions are for 90 minutes

Maximum group number is 4 people