Holistic Treatments

Indian Head Massage – 40 Minutes – £45

Indian head massage is a deeply relaxing and healing form of massage. It uses ayurvedic techniques to lift you from the everyday stresses of modern day life. Your therapist will concentrate on the neck and shoulder areas, working deeply over the muscles and pressure points, before moving on to the scalp where techniques are used to stimulate and revive. This holistic therapy is a very effective method to help reduce fatigue, dispel stress, relieve tension and increase vitality and clarity of thought.

As a wonderful introduction to ‘hands on’ therapy or as an alternative to body massage, this technique can be performed over the clothes, using no product if preferred, and is received in a seated position.

Reflexology – 55 Minutes – £60

A treatment which stimulates the body’s own natural healing process. Specific pressure points are massaged to encourage a balancing response and to promote an overall feeling of wellness. It works on a physical and emotional level.

As reflexology is a specialist treatment, we may not always have a therapist on duty. Please advise during booking if you require reflexology treatment. Please note that reflexology is not available during pregnancy.